Know the difference between Readymade VS Custom development

The perpetual process of choosing between a readymade solution and custom development is embarked upon. The time for deciding the next course of action is limited. However, gaining knowledge is acceptable since substantial learning can be gleaned from this blog.

Inquiries may arise, questioning our authority on this specific topic. If not us, then who would engage in discussing this matter? Transitioning to the main subject, specialization in readymade solutions characterizes us as web and app developers.

Numerous clients have been served by us. Their journey, business types, ideas, and reasons for opting for a readymade solution have been understood by us. Their perspectives have served as enlightening insights for us.

Reassurance is offered that this blog will not resemble a mere promotion of readymade solutions. There is no intention to present a biased viewpoint solely for marketing purposes.

Extensive reading of blogs, consultations within development communities, and discussions with our developers were undertaken to discern the superior choice: readymade solution or custom development.

All aspects will be comprehensively addressed. Therefore, ensure your coffee is at hand as you immerse yourself.

What is a readymade solution?

In essence, it signifies an app ready for instant utilization by entrepreneurs. For instance, consider a scenario in which the desire is to construct a taxi booking app.

Desire to locate one?

Uber is renowned in the taxi booking industry, Airbnb in the vacation rentals sector, and TaskRabbit in the Handyman booking domain - they all come to mind.

Qualities of a Readymade Solution

Swift implementation

The sole processes remaining prior to launch are testing and customization due to the existence of a pre-built solution. In contrast, custom development necessitates construction from the ground up, followed by deployment.


The appeal of cost-effectiveness influences startup owners to opt for this solution. To illustrate, envision creating a taxi booking app from scratch - an approximate expenditure of $40,000 to $50,000 would be incurred.

Incorporated features and functionality

The readymade solution might encompass incorporated features and functionality. However, the integration of additional features based on the client's demands is also feasible.

Immediate usability

Since customization is the sole remaining procedure before launching, the app can swiftly go live for users. Hence, the term 'ready-to-use solution' finds relevance.

Ideal for startups

Startup proprietors exhibit diverse requirements and financial constraints. Some encounter investment limitations despite their ideas failing to captivate investors or due to insufficient funding.

Different requirements coexisted, but the ultimate objective was shared.

Nevertheless, development costs remained a primary concern, and the urgency to launch the platform led them to favor readymade solutions.

Custom Development

This entails the inception of app development from scratch. In this context, developers must initiate the coding process from the very beginning. This approach is typically undertaken when clients present app concepts.

For example, envision David, an entrepreneur profoundly inclined towards custom development for constructing a taxi booking app. Subsequently, John engages a custom app development company.

John will likely need to invest substantial time and considerable resources exclusively into development, facing a prolonged wait. However, not everyone possesses the financial capacity for such a substantial investment. Nonetheless, the subsequent section will explore the pros and cons associated with this approach.